Bischop 2Love Chapel International started in the year 1998 in a city called Kumasi in Ghana, West Africa. It all started with five university graduates with Brother Agyeman Badu as the founder and leader and four other brethren, after University graduation.

They decided to meet every Saturday morning for prayers at Dr. Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology gardens, so it started as a prayer fellowship, with time the number increased to almost sixteen people including ladies.

Therefore there was a need to get a permanent and confined meeting place, so the prayer fellowship moved from the University gardens to downtown or city centre in the same city of Kumasi. The venue then became ministries canteen in Adum Kumasi.

At the ministries canteen the fellowship grew in membership and strength until we were asked to vacate the place for renovation of the canteen premises in that
same year.

In 1998 we further moved the prayer fellowship which then has been named Christian Word Miracle Centre from the ministries canteen to the Kumasi High Court Canteen. Over there the ministry grew into hundreds of people and became popular in the city of Kumasi with the help of the media, then radio and television. At this point in time as a result of the huge membership and the desire for the word of God by the membership, the prayer fellowship was the turned into a church and as a result of registration purposes it was renamed Love Chapel International.

The membership grew bigger overtime & there was a need for more space to accommodate the growing membership, so in January 1999 the church again moved to Suame in Kumasi Ghana and has remained there till today.

As a result of the goodness of God to the ministry, the church enlarged it borders and opened other branches first in the city of Kumasi, and then later to the rest of the country Ghana and finally it opened branches world wide in countries such as Germany, United States of America, United Kingdom and many others. In total the church at present has 20 branches worldwide, and has numerous affiliates in countries such as Canada, Japan, Australia and South Africa.